COLIGHT® 10 Inch Warrior Series Dual Row Linkable Light Bar

Size: 10Inch
Sale price$85.00 USD


The ultimate light bar represents the never-ending attitude of off-roading. With a tough shape and a dazzling light output, this Warrior series can not only extend the length by splicing but also enhance your vision in the dark by nearly ten times that of the factory settings. Let's see how it plays.

SPLICABLE&EXTENDABLE: Unlike other models on the market, COLIGHT Warrior Series can connect multiple 10-inch light bars through steel plates to adapt to different locations. With a thickness of 4mm, the steel plate can completely resist anything from the trailer.
By increasing the length, the installation position has been changed to reach the desired irradiation range. Another advantage is that never worry about the long size (40inch/50inch) being crushed during transportation. Each 10inch is individually packaged. If you need a 20 inch light bar, then add 2 of the light to the cart; If you want a 50inch light bar, you should order 5 pieces of the light. Are you ready to DIY?

It’s our most expensive LED light bar ever made. The price is right up there, and so are the performance and quality.

PINNACLE OF PERFORMANCE: Every good story starts with the light output. Fitted with spot reflector distribution forms a remarkable beam that pushes the spot beam at 30° all the way to staggering 1lux@450m. Along with a seriously impressive illumination distance, it also features dual rows of 20 powerful LEDs producing a whopping 6050 lumens at a power of 55watts.

A NEW REALM OF TOUGH: We know you’re going to put the lights through hell and back, so we’ve built them tough in every aspect. The Warrior Series light bars have been tested for long-term operation from -40 to 185 degrees F, vibration, moisture intrusion, and corrosion.

With an overall mold design, these Warrior Series light bar was designed to be used in rainy areas or fishing boats. Features a military pressure equalization vent specially designed to prevent pressure and condensation in the enclosure, there is no doubt the Warrior Series was built secure with an IP68 waterproof rate. This superior light bar comes wrapped in an impeccably durable, weather-resistant housing die-cast from high-grade aluminum and complete with an unbreakable PMMA lens, so it can withstand just about every and any rage of the road.

We know you want flexible mounting options, which is why we’ve included two separate mounting options. Coming with the fixed bottom mount brackets and side brackets, that's possible to install anywhere you want.

This light bar is the market's first splicable light bar which is ultra steady and tough. Unquestionably, the crazy expression of capability and design that blends with powerful brightness output, making the all-new Warrior Series be the pinnacle of the COLIGHT LED offering. 

  • 10inch Dual Row Warrior Series Splicable Light Bar
  • Amp Draw: 4.27A*12.86V
  • Waterproofed Deutsch-DT2 connector ---allows for easy connection⠀
  • Pressure Equalization Vent--- IP68 water and dustproof prove
  • Two mounting brackets- flexible mounting options
  • 4mm steel plate--Use to splice the lights
  • Package Includes: 10 inch Warrior Series light bar with 2 mounting brackets, extra DT wire harness

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