Why is the condensation in the light bar and how to deal with it?

When you've got some great headlights or light bars but find some moisture after running them for some time, we know that it can be annoying.

You can contact us directly to figure out the problem and deal with it, but before everything, we suggest you read this article to have an easy understanding of the condensation and try out some effective ways.

Why is there condensation or water in our light bar or headlight?

When you find there is condensation, moisture, or water behind the lens, there are two possibilities and it is easy to tell.

If there is a little layer of mist or small droplets of moisture inside the lens (no streaks, or large droplets) like the photos below, it is condensation which is naturally occurred.

Why is the condensation in the light bar

Simply put, condensation is the water in the gas form inside the lens changing into small water droplets. It is a common problem and doesn't mean the product is defective.

Our headlights or light bars seal some air when manufacturing while small amounts of water in gas form are also mixed in.

The LEDs produce heat and when the temperature outside the lens is much lower than the inside, the moisture inside would change into small water droplets, resulting in condensation.

But if you see streaks, drip marks, or large droplets inside the lens like the photos below, it's water ingress and the whole light needs to be sent to repair.

The water in the lights

How to deal with the condensation?

Condensation is closely related to environmental conditions including temperature, weather, and humidity. You can firstly turn on the headlights or light bars for a few hours to let the heat generated by LEDs evaporate the moisture.

If the weather is cool or there is a temperature drop while the heat is not enough, you can put the light bar or headlight under the direct sunlight or any dry and warm places to evaporate the moisture more quickly.

Also, some of our lights including all our laser lights feature a built-in Military Pressure Equalization Vent that allows air in and out to evaporate condensation but does not allow liquid water to leak into the light. So you can open it to speed up the evaporation.

Military pressure equalization vent on the laser light bar

Other lights like our hottest Rob2 Pro Series with no Military Pressure Equalization Vent cause it has more wattages and run hotter which also helps evaporate the condensation.

COLIGHT Rob2 pro series ditch light pods

If you've tried all the ways above and still can't deal with the condensation or there is water ingress, come to us and we're glad to help. Send an email to support@led-colight.com with all the details, we'll get to you as soon as possible.