How to install Colight 8 gang switch panel?

Have you ever had a situation where the wires got tangled up and couldn't start? When you install a new auxiliary light wire and don't know how to connect it... Don’t worry! You can solve these problems for less than $200 and buy a control panel to keep your car neat and convenient. How to install the 8 gang switch panel? Next I will tell you how to install it.

Tools and Materials:


Insulation Tape



installation steps:

1.Find a good location in the engine compartment to install the switch control box, make sure the cable is long enough to reach most areas of the cab, screw the relay to the bracket to make it stable. As shown in the figure above, connect the thick red wires to the screws on both sides of the voltage protection breaker, the long end is used to connect the positive pole of the power supply, and the short end is used to connect the switch control box; One end of the thick black wiret is connected to the switch control box, and the other end is used to connect Negative power supply. It is important to note that do not turn on the power until all wiring is fully installed. There are two wires to connect Acc, the red wire is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, the white wire is connected to the positive pole of the fog light, and the other end is inserted into the corresponding socket of the switch control box.

2.Install the switch panel close to the steering wheel and fix it, keep the distance close to the switch control box, connect the switch panel and the switch control box through a nylon harness, and arrange the wiring so that it will not affect your driving.

3.Select according to the power of the lightyou want to connect, and connect the wire to the switch control box. It has 16 interfaces, each of which corresponds to the positive and negative poles of 5A, 10A, 20A, and 30A. The red wire is connected to the positive pole, the black wire is connected to the negative pole, and then connected to the wires of 8 auto parts in turn and arranged.

Of course, the above is the connection method of two wires. If you install our Mars series, DB-P with three wires, you can install it according to the following steps:

First prepare 3 wires with the same thickness as the work light wire, of which the black wire needs to be divided into two strands from the middle. Then, twist the red and extra red wires from both lights together and wrap with insulating tape; do the same for the white wires. Then twist the black wire from both lights and the middle of the extra black wire together and wrap with insulating tape.

Next, we continue to connect these four wires to the switch control box respectively. The two black wires are connected to the two negative terminals respectively, and the red and white wires are respectively connected to the corresponding two positive terminals. Note that the power selection is also different. The red and black wires are connected to 20A for driving light, and the white and black wires are used to control the daytime running lights and connect to 5A. After connecting, tighten the screws and install it.

4.Turn on the power to run the wiring harness after the switch panel becomes bright, press the button after the lights become bright, the switch panel is successfully installed.


Colight 8 gang switch pannel allows you to connect and control 8 different auxiliary lights or electrical devices on the truck. You can install a separate power distribution block under the hood to eliminate cumbersome wiring.


If you're looking for an affordable option to control all your accessories on one set of safe and isolated circuits and relays, look no further than the Colight 8 gang switch panel.