Fan or Fanless LED Headlight Bulb? Which is better?

Many car owners will replace halogen bulbs with more efficient and brighter LED bulbs, so a lot of heat must be generated, and how is the heat emitted by LED headlight bulbs cooled? So LED headlight bulbs are equipped with both fan and fanless cooling systems, which LED headlight bulb is better? Next, let's discuss the problem of heat dissipation of car headlights.

1.Fan headlight bulb cooling

Heat dissipation principle

What is Fan LED Headlight Bulb? When the electronic components of the LED headlight work, heat will be generated, and the heat will be conducted to the radiator through the copper substrate, and then the fan will rotate at a high speed to form wind pressure, forming high-speed convection and taking away the heat.



Features: Active heat dissipation; supports higher bulb power, higher brightness, and more stable performance. Long-term high-speed rotation, the fan is easily damaged, resulting in the headlight bulb can not continue to use.


COLIGHT J5 Series High Power is cooled by a fan, and the bottom fan is made of the highest quality 6063 aluminum material, with amazing heat dissipation quality, good brightness and performance.

2.Fanless headlight bulb cooling

Heat dissipation principle

Fanless LED Headlight Bulbs with heat sink base usually make the heat sink into a fin type, which improves the heat dissipation efficiency by increasing the heat dissipation area and effectively cools down.


The process is relatively simple, the production and processing are convenient, and the cost is relatively low; passive heat dissipation, low heat dissipation efficiency, low power of the whole lamp, slightly lack of headlight brightness; The lifespan will be longer.

COLIGHT  K1 is developed as 3 different color temperatures were developed, namely 3000K yellow light, 3800K lime light and 6000K white light. The overall use of high temperature resistant direct welding copper core board and high-quality 6063 aluminum, thermal conductivity up to 480W/mK, with no noise and heat dissipation, it’s very cost-effective.


The two heat dissipation methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose according to your own needs. A product naturally has its necessity. There is no best or worst. It is a good product that meets our needs.

Innovation and exploration based on the "radiator + fan" heat dissipation method, increasing the number and density of heat sinks, the radiator body is designed with a built-in fan, removing the tail cover of the headlight, greatly shortening the size of the lamp body, and greatly improving the LED headlight The loading rate is a good exploration, and it is worth learning from.