22 Inch 5D Projector Remote Control RGB Dual Row Led Light Bar

Size: RGB Light Bar
Sale price$95.00 USD


The newly upgraded RGB light bar is designed to use a separate remote to control the RGB light mode. Whether you're looking for increased light output, or simply change up the look of your vehicle, this light bar with RGB color-changing modes fits every budget is the top pick.

REMOTE CONTROL: The original RGB lights use the mobile phone download app to control the lights. However, it is not safe to use a mobile phone while driving, and there are often disconnects or control failures. In order to solve this problem, the designer changed the mobile phone remote control to the remote control button selection. NOTE: Since courier does not allow packages to carry electronics. So we'll take the electronics out of the remote. So the remote you receive is not electronic.

5D LENS &LIGHT OUTPUT: The light output from the Colight RGB light bar was reflected by the 5D lens, which is relatively uniform and tight. and the optical distance can be adjusted to the desired distance by adjusting the angle. Featured with 42 pieces of high-density Zes LEDs, the Colight RGB light bar can create a massive 7565lm of 6000k fan-shaped light beam front the vehicle.

RGB LIGHT MODE: No matter there is a single or multi-purpose light you are looking for, the RGB light will meet your needs. They are 41 types of color-changing modes. The four buttons on the remote control have their own functions. When you turn on the RGB light, you will get soft water ripple-like multi-color light pattern. Click button A to turn on/off white light and white light strobe; click button B to turn on/off RGB monochromatic light; click button C to turn on/off RGB monochromatic and monochromatic strobe; click button D to turn on/off RGB multi Color change.

FLEXIBLE MOUNT OPTIONS: The RGB light bar included two separate mounting options. The adjustable sliding mounts allow you to align the mount bolts to any pre-existing mounting holes, making the mount to bullbar very easy. Use our Stainless steel side brackets for a wider application. 

  • Raw Current draw: RGB LIGHT MODE  0.24A*12V; WHITE LIGHT: 4.8A*12V
  • Working voltage: DC 10-30V
  • Flexible installation options: adjustable sliding mounts and side brackets
  • 6063 Diecast Alu Alloy Housing: Boasting superior strength and corrosion resistance
  • 5D lens: relatively uniform and tight light output
  • PC Lens: Virtually unbreakable & scratch resistant
  • Military-grade waterproof breather
  • Heavy-duty aluminum alloy heat sink
  • IP68Rated: Dust & Particle tight + Water-proof up to 3 meters
  • 41 RGB light modes
  • Package includes RGB light bar, 2 mounting brackets, red remote controller without electronic.

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